Speech Analytics – Essentials for Call Centers

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For years, government agencies and global businesses have used Speech Analytics to uncover critical data from recorded conversations. Now those same technologies are available for the small to mid-sized call center or contact center. Speech Analytics systems from Sound Communications use call center system software developed by the same companies that created the tools those big businesses use. The benefits to your organization are multi-faceted and include:

Identification of new opportunities
Better business intelligence
Improved operational efficiency

After all, your clients are the reason you are in business. In most cases, the Call Center is the number one source of client interactions. Why spend thousands of dollars on focus groups and marketing studies when the same information may already be in your Call Center recordings?


Call Center Speech Analytics Key Features

100% indexing of the content and context of each interaction – Gain
  actionable information from every recorded call, without an increase in
  your workforce.

Keyword and phrase spotting – Using a phonetics-based engine, industry
  phrases, jargon and slang can be identified.

Silence Detection – Identify workflow issues and assign coaching as

Confidence Scoring – Minimize false positives and ensure accuracy.

Stereo Recording – Is your Agent speaking, or the client? This will allow
  you to be 100% sure.


Call Center Speech Analytics Key Benefits

Intuitive Interface – A dedicated analyst is not required for this. Information
  is easily seen and intuitively used.

Low Cost of Ownership – Low hardware requirements plus fast
  implementation and skilled professional services allow for Speech Analytics
  to quickly integrate and show results in your organization.

Small Hardware Footprint – A single server can analyze >1000 hours of calls

When you take the knowledge gathered through Sound Communication's Speech Analytics system, and share it throughout your organization, your Call Center transforms from a cost center to an integral part of your organization’s success. The next time someone asks, “I wonder what our clients are thinking?” the answer will be clear. An enhanced Call Center with Speech Analytics gives you that ability, that confidence, and that strength in the marketplace.

To learn more about the variety of Speech Analytics systems available for your Call Center or Contact Center, call Sound Communications at 1-800-556-8556 or click here to schedule a FREE demo. Our knowledgeable representatives will help you discover which system is right for your organization.