Court Recording

A courtroom recorded by Sound Communications brings you the finest in hardware and software technology. Securely capturing audio and/or video, we can help you manage the official court record with accuracy and ease.

With Sound Communications, your Court Recording system is more than the integration of advanced digital technology and easy-to-use software. You also receive a comprehensive package with unequivocal design consultation, in-depth training and expert 24/7 customer service to maximize your performance and recording and capabilities.

Multiple Applications to Benefit your Court System
Regardless of your Court’s size, Sound Communications can assemble a solution that improves the cost-effectiveness of judicial services to your community. We partner with the industry’s leading technology vendors to build digital Court Recording Systems that capture audio, video or both to create the official Court record. Our Video Arraignment Systems use similar digital technology to permit judges and defendants to meet face-to-face without the costs and dangers of prisoner transport. Through our Security Division, we can also offer Surveillance/CCTV recording that brings added safety to citizens and Court personnel alike.

Applications Beyond the Courtroom
Many of the same technologies used in our Court Recording systems can bring savings and efficiency to other public entities as well, including:

  • Commission
  • Council
  • Election Boards
  • Zoning Boards
  • School Boards
  • Public Hearings of any kind


Sound Communications will customize and fine-tune your Court Recording System to meet your unique challenges, both current and with an eye to the future should your requirements change. We invite you to contact us today to explore creative and thoughtful solutions to your Court’s needs. From intelligent system design to our unparalleled customer support, Sound Communications is your portal to extraordinary customer satisfaction.