Court Recording Video Recording

In recent years, courts have increasingly turned to digital recording equipment to produce the official audio record. While this provides numerous benefits over traditional court reporting, there is a way to enhance the record even further: by addition of video.

Most of us have watched at least some trial video, whether it’s an occasional news item or a fondness for courtroom reality shows on cable. As such coverage has become more common courts have seen the advantages of having their own reference video integrated directly with their official audio record. When the official record includes audio and video, courts see all the benefits of digital audio recording as well as these additional advantages:

  • Added security for those in the courtroom, since those entering know they are being recorded.
  • The ability to see facial expressions and body language during judicial and jury review.
  • Cameras are associated with specific microphones, allowing automatic focus on the speaker.
  • Video available for news outlets can prevent the need for bulky, intrusive TV cameras in trials that are open to such coverage.


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