Almost every Call Center or Contact Center recognizes the importance of Quality Monitoring. Customers today are more sophisticated, more demanding — and more fickle — than ever before. Retaining customers is critical to the success of every organization. It’s therefore surprising that many Call Centers don’t take full advantage of technology available to help them with Quality Assurance. Do evaluators in your Call Center:
  • Rely on service observe to listen as agents take calls, waiting through minutes or even hours of unsuitable conversations before finally hearing a good call for scoring?
  • “Randomly” choose recorded calls for evaluation by counting every 10th, 20th, 50th call…only to again wade through unsuitable recordings to find one that’s appropriate?
  • Have to deal with Call Center agent comments like: “You only choose my bad calls,” or “Jane gets better scores than mine because the supervisor likes her better?”
  • Score calls using cumbersome forms created in Excel…or even using pencil and paper?
  Quality Monitoring solutions engineered by Sound Communications use technology to make the best use of your supervisors’ time and resources. Our web-based call evaluation and scoring platforms feature intuitive interfaces that are easy to use and easy to learn. Your team will have the tools you need to effectively measure, document, analyze and improve the performance of your agents, your Call Center, and your organization.

Call Center Quality Monitoring

With our Quality Monitoring solutions you can get answers to questions like:
  • Did your Agent navigate screens and access information appropriately? If an Agent takes minutes to navigate screens that should take seconds, retraining can improve client experience and reduce call time.
  • Did your Agent follow company guidelines and/or HIPPA guidelines? Knowing the answer to this question can give great peace of mind and protect you against non-compliance.
  • Did the Client mention this was a second or follow-up call? Identifying underlying issues that can be fixed by internal coaching, additional training or a changed dynamic with the client can increase first call resolution.
  • Did your Agent control the call? Is your agent being friendly, but asking appropriate leading questions and not engaging in excessive off-topic conversation?
  • Do your Agents identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and use appropriate scripting? Identifying poor performers provides training opportunities; identifying exceptional performers gives you training examples.
  With an enhanced Call Center system from Sound Communications, answers to these questions are as close as an evaluation done from your web browser. Our Quality Monitoring solutions make it easy to:
  • Select a random call with confidence that it’s suitable for scoring
  • Listen to the recorded voice and optionally view the agent’s corresponding desktop screen activity
  • Complete the evaluation electronically, with automated scoring calculations
  • Lock, re-open, or edit evaluations (with appropriate permissions)
  • Create robust reports that can be scheduled and emailed to management on an ongoing basis, and
  • Even calibrate your evaluators to ensure scoring remains consistent
  To learn more about the benefits our Call Center Quality Monitoring solutions can offer, call us or click here to request your free demo.