Customer Survey

If your Call Center is considering a Customer Survey or any type of Customer Satisfaction Survey, you’re not alone. Many Call Centers have chosen to integrate customer surveys into their mission, since a Call Center agent may speak with dozens of customers each day. It certainly makes sense to incorporate capturing the voice of the customer into the Call Center’s activities, but deciding how best manage your Customer Survey requires careful discovery.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Incorporating post-call Customer Satisfaction Surveys into your Call Center has become fairly accepted. One of the most common types is an IVR customer satisfaction survey to which a caller is transferred after the call. The IVR can manage the customer’s willingness to participate, so that a Call Center agent is unaware which callers will complete a survey. The types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys can also be publicized in other ways (e.g. on receipts or websites) to allow direct call-in participation. Some of these customer satisfaction software products also support alternate communication channels such as email and chat, and many offer dynamic surveys in which the questions may change based on the customer’s answers.

Customer Surveys – Enterprise Level

Some organizations have begun to explore the use of Customer Surveys as a means of guiding company vision, designing marketing strategy, and fostering deeper customer relationships. If your goal is to collect this type of information, satisfaction surveys are unlikely to meet your needs. Instead, you may want to consider a more robust, Customer Survey for the Enterprise Level product that can support mobile and online surveys. Some of these Customer Survey products can also support sophisticated analytics across multiple channels of text-based feedback (even Facebook and Twitter posts).   At Sound Communications, we’ve partnered with leaders in the Call Center Optimization niche to offer a variety of Customer Surveys options, including both Customer Satisfaction and enterprise level Customer Survey  software. To learn more, please call to speak with one of our experienced Call Center specialists at 1-800-556-8556 or click here to schedule a FREE demo.