Application Event Trigger

With Application Event Trigger (AET), you can easily monitor and analyze your Call Center agents’ PC desktop activities.  AET is a component of Verint’s Desktop and Process Analytics, a family of advanced applications that can be used with Audiolog to enhance the performance and support PCI compliance in your Call Center.


What is Application Event Trigger (AET)?

AET is a program that allows your Call Center administrator to define the events or actions for the call recording.

  • Trigger a change in the recording status of your Audiolog Server
  • Store information collected during a call interaction


For example, an executed Application Event Trigger can tell Audiolog to stop a recording temporarily or permanently within your Call Center.

How does AET work?

AET is a client/server application.  The Trigger is defined and maintained on a dedicated server, and then pushed out to the AET client.  The AET client is run from your employees’ desktops and can be set up to be visible or invisible to the agent.  It can also automatically restart if turned off.  AET is very easy on bandwidth, using less than 1 Mbps per Call Center agent.

Examples of AET

Here are a few different ways an Application Event Trigger might work in your Call Center.  An Application Alert Trigger might cause a recording to be stopped, paused or muted when an agent navigates to a credit card number field in his/her desktop application.  An Alert Trigger might store an agent’s name or ID when the agent logs in.  A Threshold Trigger can activate an alert based on the amount of time a screen is open.

How can AET help with PCI compliance?

Many companies accept credit card payments and are prohibited from storing sensitive authentication data.  With AET, call recordings can be stopped when the credit card transaction begins and then call recordings can resume once the transaction is completed.  This Trigger is activated automatically and does not require any agent intervention.   For more information on AET or any other Call Center software enhancements, contact one of our Sound Communication representatives at 800-556-8556 of click here for a free demo.