Speech Analytics

Today, it is imperative for every Call Center to improve customer service skills.  Many successful small to medium-sized Call Centers rely on Speech Analytics, a companion product for Sound Communications call recording systems, to process their critical customer service interactions and proactively intervene with customer concerns.

Speech Analytics captures these Call Center interactions:

  • Small problems before they escalate
  • Customers’ reactions to your new website
  • Customer loyalty in lieu of competitor’s new programs
  • Customer concerns

With Speech Analytics your company can conduct in-depth call analysis without devoting in-depth personnel hours.   By indexing the entire content and context of each of your Call Center interactions, you to quickly surface current trends, even if you didn’t know they existed.

Requiring only minimal set-up and training, Speech Analytics Essentials is a powerful software solution that can provide immediate results allowing you to react efficiently to enhance the performance of your Call Center.  The Complete Semantics Index™ technology goes beyond the basics of keyword and phrase searches by offering these user-friendly capabilities:

  • Automated trending tools
  • Multiple search methods
  • In-depth reporting

Call Center users will be able to conduct very focused call analysis using the intuitive tools of Speech Analytics to provide contextual suggestions that will help them refine their search to the most relevant contacts.

Speech Analytics Features

Automated Trend Analysis –proactively reports emerging changes in your Call Center interactions so you can react quickly to this unbiased and timely information.

Advanced Search Capabilities – Multiple search methods available to quickly research the robust customer data.

Guided Search –Text search of individual words or phrases with options for auto completion and content-based suggestions.

Targeted Text Queries – Special query words help you build targeted text queries.

Searching Call Opening or Closing – allows you to search the beginning or end of spoken customer contact

Saved Searches – Save any unique search parameters in a personalized home page for easy access

Filtering – Search all data gathered from multiple sources

Query Result Metrics – Easily view high-level metrics based on your query results metrics

Charts – Review the distribution of contacts via any data available

Reports – Create reports and export data to Excel or PDF formats

Speech Analytics Player – Playback audio and visual contacts targeted on speech analysis results.  Audio fluctuations are fully synchronized with the transcription text.

Rule-Based Transcription – Define the contact selection per your Call Center’s unique specifications.

Language Support – Supports the transcription and processing of contact in various languages

Permission-Controlled Access to Data And Functionality – Accessible data and functionality is determined by your User Manager

If you are interested in adding Speech Analytics to a new or existing recorder deployment, call a knowledgeable specialist at Sound Communications.  With over 30 years of digital audio and video recording experience, Sound Communications is dedicated to providing only the best technologies to enhance the performance of your Call Center.