Record, archive and retrieve interactions across multiple channels, reconstruct incidents, and comply with emerging standards for digital emergency communications services (including Next-Generation 911) and public safety radio systems.  Verint Recording Systems are currently installed in thousands of leading corporate and government facilities worldwide, including more than 2,500 mission-critical public safety sites.

Discover a full-time, multichannel recording and archiving solution designed for PSAPs

Verint Recording for Public Safety is a powerful solution for capturing 911, radio, video, and text communications across multiple channels, including PBX, VoIP, radio systems, chat, digital collaboration, email, mobile voice, SMS, and face-to-face — all on a single recorder. Designed for emergency response, public safety, and control room operations, the solution offers superior reliability, availability, and scalability in mission-critical environments. Along with its unified, easy-to-use functionality, the solution can help your organization enhance performance and respond more effectively to citizen needs.

Leverage reliable trunked radio integrations

Verint Recording for Public Safety interoperates with major trunked radio infrastructures, such as Motorola ASTRO R7.x P25, as well as the P25IP and Harris OpenSky infrastructure. The call recording solution provides public safety users worldwide with efficient, reliable recording, storage, management, and playback of radio transmissions.

Benefit from NG9-1-1/i3-ready incident reconstruction

Verint Insight Center is a state-of-the-art, browser-based incident reconstruction application designed to help emergency response and public safety organizations meet mission-critical needs, including those arising from Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). As a component of Verint Recording for Public Safety, Verint Insight Center can search multiple channels and display data captured from a variety of media simultaneously, providing a unified view on a single screen. It can enable you to rebuild an incident by reconstructing the chain of events.

Search and replay calls at lightning speed

Verint Instant Recall allows users to quickly search and replay recorded and live calls on preconfigured extensions. The operator can  perform various playback operations such as rewinding to the beginning even on live calls – a benefit  for quickly confirming details and reviewing conversations that are difficult to understand.

Benefit from flexible deployment options

Verint provides a variety of flexible, easy-to-manage deployment options based on your emergency center’s sizing, network topology, security, and availability requirements. Our solutions can be deployed on premises or in the cloud providing you with a variety of high availability and redundancy options to help ensure resilience in the event of network or hardware failures.