CCTV and Security

Sound Communications has been in the CCTV, Access Control, Systems Integrations, and Court recording markets for over a decade. While we have had success with this division, we feel as though the name Sound Communications doesn’t reflect this other division as well as it could. As a result we have decided to rebrand this part of the company to SCI-Integrated. Customers both future and present will still enjoy the full resources of Sound Communications and there will be no difference in the excellent customer service for which we are known. We have made significant changes to the division and expect that with the change of branding it will help us reach the goals that we have put in place.


Security begins with surveillance for most companies — video cameras that record to one or more computers. Gone are the days when viewing a recorded incident required finding the right tape to load into a VCR. Today, video surveillance systems utilize sophisticated technology to provide the most critical data.

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Video Recording Servers
  • Video Management and Storage Systems


When designing a surveillance system, the certified security technicians at Sound Communications review the full scope of the security requirements and select the best hardware and software to meet the security needs for a single or multi-location facility or campus.

Security Cameras

Since your security cameras serve as the “eyes” of your surveillance system, it is imperative to choose the right camera to match each specific application. Today there are many types of cameras available for recording: indoor, outdoor, fixed, pan/tilt/zoom, night vision, vandal-resistant, weatherproof, analog, IP, fisheye, covert, motion detection, color, black-and-white, infrared, high definition. These security cameras are also available in various combinations of these features. Many of the newest security cameras provide additional capabilities like built-in intelligence, analytics and recording.

Video Recording Servers

Once video has been captured by a security camera, the video recording server determines how the video will be processed. Today’s servers are often hybrid and can accept input from both analog and IP cameras. Video recording servers are often administered conveniently through a remote client interface, and can be integrated with Active Directory as well as point-of-sale, access control, intrusion detection, alarm and other systems. Detecting independent incidents, our video recording systems can send email alerts as the incident is in progress.

Video Management & Storage

These hardware and software components enable your security system to protect and manage your assets with monitors, video walls, network attached storage servers and other security operations. Additional benefits include organizing your security videos so the data is searchable and centralizing the management of multiple servers and/or multiple sites.

Contact the specialists at Sound Communications to discuss the right security solution for your organization. We provide superior installation, training and maintenance for your enterprise-wide surveillance systems.