Workforce Management (WFM) Professional

Today’s call centers and public safety centers face numerous challenges and many revolve around their biggest cost center—their workforce. For example, a public safety center needs to reduce liability by identifying and correcting problem behaviors before they come under public scrutiny. They also must uncover call handling and workflow problems that can slow response. Workforce optimization (also known as workforce management) can hold the key.

The contact center is much the same when it comes to benefitting from workforce management. Here, first contact resolution is an important benchmark for improving customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs. Equally important are reducing the considerable costs of employee turnover, and optimizing existing human resources so as to accomplish more with the same staff.

With Workforce Management software from Verint Systems, you can meet these challenges and more. Verint Workforce Management lets you consistently forecast and schedule the necessary number of agents, with the right skill sets, to handle the workload. This effective web-enabled software can also help your Call Center become more profitable by reducing payroll expenses, tracking schedule adherence, and retaining personnel.

Intuitive to use, the Verint Workforce Management solution requires minimal training and provides authorized users with the ability to perform all administration and management functions 24/7 through the web interface.

How can workforce management software improve my call center?

Here are a few ways that Workforce Management from Verint can positively impact your bottom line:

  • Prevent over-staffing and minimize overtime by matching agent schedules to historical and projected call traffic
  • Provide optimal schedules by easily running “what-if” scenarios and allowing agent input to the scheduling process
  • Leverage employee strengths and skills by automatically matching skill sets to the times when those skills are most likely to be needed
  • Reduce employee turn-over by scheduling for employee effectiveness, not employee overload
  • Implement corrective scheduling as needed by using intraday adherence monitoring and call traffic alerts

Can I use workforce management software if I outsource?

The Verint Workforce Management solution can be used if your Call Center is outsourced.  Simply share your staffing requirements with your outsourcer. Then load the outsourcer’s planned staffing schedule back into Impact 360…even if the outsourcer uses a different Workforce Management system.

Verint WFM Feature Highlights

With workforce optimization software from Verint, your Call Center or Contact Center can:

  • Reduce payroll expenses by not over-staffing
  • Combine workforce management, performance management, actionable learning and enterprise reporting within the Verint WFM System
  • Increase forecasting accuracy with historical data
  • Monitor schedule adherence for both phone and desktop activities
  • Schedule and manage multi-site call centers worldwide
  • Free up supervisory time and empower employees by letting them manage their own schedules–without impacting service
  • Automate the shift bidding process
  • Access employee performance metrics
  • Forecast, schedule and track adherence for all kinds of work environments…not just call centers!

Call Sound Communications to discuss how Verint’s Impact 360 Workforce Management system can improve the efficiency of your Call Center or Contact Center’s forecasting and employee scheduling.  With 24/7 customer service, Sound Communications provides superior technical support for your organization.