Is your Call Center a business expense…or an organizational asset?

In the past, companies had a tendency to view the Call Center’s human and technical resources as an expense to the company. This was true even in sales-oriented Call Centers, where revenue generation was a basic part of the job description. Today, many forward-thinking organizations are using new technology to transform their Call Center into a dynamic source of business intelligence that simply can’t be gathered in any other way.

Call Center Experience

That’s where Sound Communications can help.  We’ve been in the Call Center Recording industry since the days of reel-to-reel recording. For over 30 years, our award-winning technical teams have installed and supported digital call recorders from the industry’s leading software developers. We combine this cutting-edge software with Windows-based servers that use commercial “off-the-shelf” components, so you can easily integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure.

Call Center Solutions

Our Call Center recording servers can capture audio from sources ranging from analog “POTS” lines to VoIP phones, often with a mix of recording connectivity in the same computer chassis. We also offer integrations with a great many TDM and VoIP switch vendors, including Avaya, Aspect, Nortel, Cisco and more. Because your needs require more than just taking calls, Sound Communications also offers many Call Center System enhancements.

Our Call Center specialists keep their finger on the pulse of your industry and the regulations with which you need to comply (like PCI-DSS and HIPAA). Sound Communications is also familiar with your other areas of concern, like scheduling, forecasting, customer feedback, and agent training—and we know how to integrate solutions to these concerns with call recording. As a result, Sound Communications can help you leverage the wealth of information in your call recordings to:

  •  Improve your Call Center quality & efficiency throughout your organization
  • Better train (and retain) agents
  • Satisfy customers and turn them into promoters
  • Protect you from liability and compliance issues

Call Center Customer Service

At Sound Communications, we’re obsessed with customer service. The first time you talk to us, you’ll understand why the average customer has been with us for nine or more years. That obsession is also why we’ve designed our site to provide you with information that can help meet your company’s Call Center System needs.