Public Safety Quality Monitoring

The Audiolog Interaction Quality (AIQ) provides a, web-based, highly efficient call evaluation and scoring platform for PSAPs. The intuitive interface is easy to use and easy to learn allowing you the tools to effectively measure, document, analyze and improve the performance of your PSAPs.   Audiolog Interaction Quality allows online QA form designing. You can build forms and pick questions while having complete control over question type, choosing whether to have fill-in, multiple-choice, Yes/No, True/False, mandatory answer, bonus points or instant fail of the form. All of this can be added quickly and easily and the form can be seen in real time as changes are made.

Evaluations can be done from a single Internet browser to manage, implement and control the calls to be evaluated controlling both voice and screen playback. Evaluators require minimal training due to the intuitive nature of the interface. Once the evaluations are completed they can be re-opened, edited or locked and robust reporting is available from the evaluations for KPI tracking. Another benefit of Audiolog Interaction Quality is if you have multiple Evaluators you can have them Calibrated, so whoever does the evaluation an even and standardized score will be given to the agent regardless of the evaluator doing the evaluation.   Would you like to learn more about the benefits Audiolog Interaction Quality can offer to your public safety organization? To get started, call us or click here to request your free demo.