Audiolog Product Suite by Verint

For more than 20 years, call centers, contact centers and public safety centers have relied on Verint Audiolog systems to digitally record their telephone and/or radio interactions.  Audiolog Recording Systems are currently installed in thousands of leading corporate and government facilities worldwide, including more than 2,500 mission-critical public safety sites.

The Audiolog Product Suite offers far more than simple recording.  Maximize the performance of your Call Center by adding any of these Audiolog applications.

  • Audiolog Digital Call and Screen Recording
  • Audiolog Interaction Quality: Browser-Based Agent Evaluation
  • Audiolog Insight Center: Browser-Based Incident Management
  • SAE for Audiolog: Speech Analytics Essentials for the SMB Market
  • DPA for Audiolog: Desktop Processing Analytics to support PCI Compliance and more
  • Impact360 WFM: Workforce Management
  • Customer/Constituent Survey: Putting the Voice of Your Customer to Work

Review technical details about Audiolog call recording frequently asked questions.

Since the beginning, Audiolog’s focus has been on open, network-centric systems architecture using off-the-shelf components, Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft SQL databases.  The Audiolog Product Suite was originally developed by Mercom Systems, an innovative software company acquired in 2006 by industry leader Verint Systems, Inc.