Body Worn Cameras

“What really happened?” It’s a critical question now at the center of a string of highly publicized and controversial incidents between police officers and citizens on the street.  As we’ve seen and read in the media, the human accounts by both police and citizens are often conflicting or incomplete. The resulting erosion of trust between police and those they serve and protect is not healthy for any community.bcside

Columbus-based Sound Communications is working to help bridge that trust gap with a range of chest or shoulder mounted body cameras for police and sheriffs deputies.  The cameras record every public encounter by a law enforcement officer, providing transparency and rebuilding trust between citizens and police departments.

Sound Communications is getting a significant response and over a dozen Ohio law enforcement agencies have requested demonstrations of this new body-worn camera. By offering this new and needed product to their line-up of public safety hardware and software, Sound Communications is able to meet these demands with state-of-the-art technology.

“Our communities are much safer when the police and the public view each other as partners and not adversaries,” says Sound Communications President Darin Cooper.  “If a better, more reliable record of interactions between police and citizens helps create and strengthen trust, we all win. I believe the use of body cameras by police officers can be a great tool.”

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