Industrial Video

Sound Communications IndustrialSound Communications offers the latest in safety and security technology with our advanced digital audio and video recording and Access Control Systems. These reliable stationary and portable surveillance systems are available for both of internal and external sites. All recorded on a single source, the system enhancements can help to improve the quality and productivity of your operations as well monitor compliance regulations. Sound Communications provides excellent customer service from consultation, installation, and training to our unparalleled 24/7 technical support.

Stationary DVR

This Stationary DVR Surveillance System provides multi-channeled, high quality digital audio and video recording with advanced digital compression to deliver exceptional clarity that will never deteriorate. Immediate audio and video playback enables authorized personnel to monitor surveillance areas in near real-time video or to review archival recorded images.

Event Security

Our Mobile Watchdog provides professional, portable security that can be transported and set up easily. Equipped with tilt, pan and zoom capabilities, the digital cameras produce hi-res quality images that is recorded and stored efficiently on a compact flash drive. These cameras can be monitored and adjusted remotely to capture specific activity.

Access Control

Our state-of-the-art Access Control Systems are installed to provide superior security for your organization. Designed to meet your facility requirements, these security systems are very flexible and can be upgraded and expanded at any time.

Contact Center

This enhanced Contact Center is the ideal call recording solution needed to monitor and capture customer interactions for improved satisfaction with all methods of communication whether with phone, email, live chat or faxes. Our Call Centers offer analytic and Workforce Management capabilities that can be used to increase employee productivity and performance for companies of any size.