Public Safety Center

A Public Safety Center enhanced by technology from Sound Communications can be among your best preparation for Next Gen 9-1-1. Securely recording video and audio, we can help you accurately capture all law enforcement and/or emergency data that may become critical.

With Sound Communications, your Public Safety Center recording system is more than an integration of advanced network technology and equipment. You also receive a comprehensive package with unequivocal design consultation, in-depth training and expert 24/7 customer service to maximize your call-taker performance, recording and incident management capabilities.

Reliable Public Safety Center System Equipment and Technology
Regardless of your center’s size, Sound Communications can integrate a Public Safety Center solution that improves the effectiveness of mission-critical service to your community. Because we partner with the most trusted and intuitive PSAP Recording System developers in the industry, our systems provide these exceptional features at your fingertips:


Next Generation 9-1-1
As leaders in this industry, Sound Communications and our technology partners are helping to develop the standards of the Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) Public Safety Center System. Our public safety recording systems are NG911 compliant and can capably manage the communication challenges of very complex emergencies with VoIP, Chat, text, and live video feed from any internet-based device. Personal safety and medical alert systems can all be flawlessly integrated into these superior NG911 recording systems to help maintain the ultimate in public safety responsiveness.

Sound Communications will customize and fine-tune your Public Safety Center Recording System to meet your unique community challenges, both current and with an eye to the future should your requirements change. We invite you to contact Sound Communications today to explore creative and thoughtful solutions to your Public Safety Center needs. From intelligent system design to our unparalleled customer support, Sound Communications is your portal to extraordinary customer satisfaction.